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Get comfy while you read a bit about who I am friend. Mi casa es su casa aqui! 

So ever since I could remember, I’ve always been tapped as the advice giver at work, school & amongst friends and family. And I have always loved it, along with engaging in dialogues that fan the flames on topics about: spirituality, positive thinking & self development.  At 21, I learned about the law of attraction and from there my spiritual and life journey has really blossomed into a beautiful experience.  However, along the way there has been PLENTY of ups & downs that I will share in detail through the my podcast and blog, but TODAY at 30 years old, I really have grasp the whole process of being deliberatly happy and through being me unapologetically!  I am in a space of being on auto pilot with Confidence, Self-Love & a monumental amount of Clarity that I feel benefits me each and everyday.

I have multiple streams of income, I travel the world and even created the opportunity to Live in China for a year and a half, I have the best clients that I coach and now I am in the process of relocating to the US Virgin Islands to take on a 6 figure job that literally I didn’t have to even apply for! The world is reflecting back to me in a myriad of ways my dominant focus which is joy, freedom & uber abundance & there is so much more in store!  Like this site and my show, the Being Yourself on Purpose and soon more Playshops (sounds better than work eeh) and Retreats around the globe! Oh and of course my loving spouse (I am here enthusiastically waiting to meet you soon)!  

But beyond those things, I have come to terms with who I am truly and what I should be doing fully.  And that is creating a beautiful life of love, abundance and freedom through loving and being myself on purpose; then teaching the world to do the same… 1 person at a time. 

My knowing is that we are all beautiful unique, individuated physical extensions of the collective energy that you may call God, Source, Universe, Allah, Buddah, or whatever resonates with you the best. Just accept this thing for sure you are one with that energy and presence.
And it is my full knowing that we all are here deserving to experience the best life as we choose to define it individually. But getting what you deserve is not the key to receiving it. You have to truly believe it and feel it within you. You have to know that you are worthy and walk in that state by feeling it and being it. Because we all want a life that is a fit for us individually and the way to realize it is by first making a choice to go all in for you. Then taking intentional steps (vibrationally & in action), to start Being Yourself on Purpose.
If you are ready to start releasing the limits on your life, so you can start experiencing the essence of what your life is really about; Which is creating a life that reflects a beautiful journey colored with abundance, joy, freedom, and undeniable inner peace that suits your desires personally.
So go ahead and subscribe and listen to the show. Leave comments and if you are interested click in the widgets to get my Mini-Playbook called, The Morning Mindset Reset Guide so that you can start and experiences your days with more bliss, clarity and fulfillment starting NOW! And if you are interested in private coaching sessions I am still adding a few coaching spots. So if you are ready to get clear about your future and are ready to start creating it, please reach out to me via email at!
Much Love from your SiStar 😘,
Jae Morenike