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Mar 22, 2018

Show Description:
Being Yourself on Purpose™ with Jae Morenike gives you inspiration, upliftment, and reminds you about being true to who you really are; an Infinite Deliberate Creator whose purpose is to live Happy, Abundant & Free!

Jae Morenike is a Transformational Life Coach, Mentor, New Thought Leader, Inspirational Speaker, and soon to be Author who is passionate about helping others realize the life they have a "Before Birthright" to.  She teaches individuals how to master their life through intentionally using the Law of Attraction for their benefit, and those who commit to the process experience positive paradigm shifts around: self-worth, self value in the world, self-esteem, self-image, purpose, relationships, career, well-being, and financial abundance.

Show Notes:

In this inaugural episode the basis and tone for the show is established with the host Jae Morenike explaining the details of what to expect on this journey we will embark on together.


"No one can out do you, in Being You!" - Jae Morenike

"You got to believe it, before you see it." - Dr. Wayne Dyer 

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Show Transcript excerpt:    Heeeeyyyyyy!  Welcome to the 1st Episode of my baby, a gift from my heart to yours, the Being Yourself on Purpose Podcast!  What a journey of growth, healing and joy that I've experienced getting to Episode 1 ya'll.  Born from the belly of my connection with me and my Higher Self, I am giving this love child of Happiness, Abundance & Freedom  to you! That is why you are here right! To get more clarity on how you can LIVE an Infinite Life of your dreams in every area of your life! That means experiencing more peace, abundance, more fulfilling relationships, more passion and purpose in the work that you do, and more importantly feeling uncontested, unconditional love and worthiness about the most important person in your life, YOU! 

That is apart of why I decided to create Being Yourself on Purpose and to also continue to walk in my own self-defined purpose of living out loud and passionately being a light for all who want to align with their innate power, to create an EPIC LIFE! Whatever that may mean to you! I know that the conversations we have here are destined to inspire millions to do what I am doing now, and that is creating my life…MINE, by my own standards, through applying my understanding of the Law of Attraction deliberately.  And the only way that I know to truly hone the power of this universal law for my highest good and benefit is by loving myself and walking in the knowledge that I am meant to have a life that is full of JOY, HAPPINESS, ABUNDANCE, WELL-BEING, LOVE, EXHILARATING PASSION & PURPOSE, PEACE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, & MORE LOVE....

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